Biography of Pat Fallon

Born in Cartagena, Colombia, where my father, Captain Carlos Fallon, of the Colombian Navy, was stationed and arriving in the United States, during the 2 nd World War, where my father became a Captain in the United States Air Core in Orlando FLA, I was raised primarily in Washington D.C. and Maryland after the war and where I began my art studies.

M.F.A. in painting from Kent State 1982, a B.F.A. in printmaking from the Cleveland Institute of Art 1980, and a B.A. in Philosophy from Antioch College.1962 minoring in The Visual Arts. I have always been involved in seeking justice for others both as a marcher, sign maker, petition signer and advocate for human rights and against the atrocities of war. When I was 15 and in Washington D.C. the Washington Post published my letter to the Editor a letter that was about high tariffs, senator McCarthy and injustice. In the 1960s I protested our ban on Cuba, the Vietnam war, and worked with SDS to protest the embargo on Cuba; I protested segregation and was in the Peace March in Washington 1963 when Doctor King gave his I had a dream speech. I rode a bus loaded with women from New York City to Washington D.C. to lobby congress to pass the ERA amendment in the 1970ís; marched in protest of the Vietnam war and did sad paintings of our soldiers there; and in all these events my art reflected my beliefs and hopes for the future.

And because I am always drawn to people. I have made a small living as a portrait painter to sustain my family. My sabbatical year 1996-1997 was devoted to researching and working with the homeless to produce an exhibit and installation making public what no one wanted see about homelessness and the lack of understanding how the 19 th Century, that put a man on the moon and began the digital revolution ,was ending . Before retiring from Ursuline college, I researched, composed and taught a course on visual art and advocacy, hoping to show others how art can be used in the service of freedom, justice and all good things. As an academic, I have spoken at national conferences on the relation of studio foundations to a liberal arts curriculum, established the curriculum and text for an Art History major at the College and with the help of the Ohio Regents established a BFA curriculum in Studio Art.


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