Publications & Presentations

2010 Exhibited artwork of homeless, Darfur, and the Sudan for the Conference on
Social Justice sponsored by the Sociology Dept. of Kent University at Ashtabula, Ohio
where I also presented a lecture with power point images on advocacy and social justice
concerns of artists. One of my works was used for the program cover.
October 3 through 5.

2008-2010  2010 Presented a program for a graduate class Art Therapy and
Counseling: Art, Advocacy and Healing.

2009-Presented a program for a graduate class Art Therapy and Counseling:
the artist as advocate. Gave an informal talk and presented visuals of professional
web site to graduating seniors as part of their professional development class, UC.

2008 Presented a program about Homeless Persons including visuals and audio for
a graduate class on Art Therapy and Counseling.

Presented a multi-media program of images and words, and lecture, at the 22 Annual
National Conference On Liberal Arts and The Education of Artists. Also asked to host
another presentation given. Both at the Algonquin Hotel, NYC October 15-17.

2007-2008 a color print published in a "Sketch book" with 7 other artists, published by
COSE Cleveland, OH Gave a presentation using multi-media to  The Conference on
Urban Catholic Education.  The presentation was entitled "The Color of Expectations.

2006-2007 Chaired CIC breakfast discussion table for new department chairs and
prepared and presented a written summary of major points of the Conference to the
Department Heads of the School of Arts and Science. Presented multi-media and talk on
The Homeless Person for graduate class in Art Therapy and Counseling. UC Presented
two talks on the Renascence focusing on the origins and highlights for Ursuline Core

2005-2006 Presenting a BFA degree in Studio to the Ohio Board of Regents, a report
to the North Central Accreditation Association of Ohio researched, and written, in part,
by a 4 member team of colleagues, with the department information, program curriculum, dept.
history, faculty, costs and future directions written by Pat Fallon. Gave a multi-media
presentation on The Homeless for a graduate Art Therapy Counseling Class,
Ursuline College

2004 Wrote and presented a 300 page report, with CD, to The Curriculum Committee
of Ursuline College answering questions they had regarding 4-credit studios, and the
proposed BA and BFA curricula. Wrote, and presented, bound, 60 page-report to
Program Review Committee of Ursuline College proposing a new B.F.A. degree, and
revamping the BA degree in Studio Art.
Presented a slide lecture on the homeless in Cleveland, and elsewhere, with video
accompaniment, and music CD with "voices of the Street" for Professor Kinsella's US401
Culminating Seminar.

2003 Wrote and presented a 65 page bound report to the President's Council
detailing need, numbers, Finances, and credit hours regarding the proposed new
degrees in Studio Art.
Gave a 25, minute talk on my work and on being a teacher, and also the parent of an
artist-teacher at TRI-C WEST, Parent-Teacher Associations Exhibition, August-September.

2002, Gave a 20 min. talk, and became part of a panel of 4 representing John Carroll University, State University, The Cleveland Museum of Art, and Dr. Wayne Chandler, author of studies on ancient Egypt.The discussion centered around the work of contemporary artists on Easter Island, and the influence of modernculture on native art.  Sponsored by The Playhouse SquareFoundation, The Cleveland Public Library, and The Ohio Arts Council.
One of the exhibiting artists on a televised, public television, program of speakers and discussion around the Hispanic Exhibition, by local artists, LAZLO CULTURALES, at The B.K. Smith Gallery, Lake Erie College, August/September. Wrote and resented a 59 page bound report to The Program Review Committee (February) specifically answering their requests for information regarding how the program would affect over all credit hours, and other major programs at the college.
Presented to noon lunch group (Rhodes/Lily Foundation) Member Rhodes/Lily Foundation Grant Group (2001-2003) on the academic teaching in a Catholic Institution of Higher Learning, and teaching at the particular institution, Ursuline College.  Catholic Identity as faculty in the Catholic College or University.

2002-1991, Presentation to a large number of Ursuline Studies Program courses over the years on the Art of Ancient Greece, Paris in 1850, Art Between The Wars, 1920-1940, and The Renaissance, 1300 AD to 1600, 45 min. to 2 hours each with 90 to 150 slides, depending on the class needs; the Harlem Renaissance, and Realism.  Honoraria. 

2000, Guest Speaker & Presenter Peace and Justice Week of the Ursuline College and Ursuline Sisters  preceding special weekend program with Sr. Jean PreJean of Dead Man Walking..My topic: The Homeless. With my Dean, Dr. Conrad Gromada, presented, to the faculty of The School of Arts and Science, a program on the harmfulness of politically incorrect language within the classroom. My part was a power point visual presentation of words juxtaposed with images to visually describe what makes language politically incorrect..

1998 Multimedia Presentation on the Homeless for 2 sections of a Peace and Justice Class, Ursuline College, September --Honoraria to go to Northern Ohio Coalition For The Homeless.

1997 Slide Presentation and talk on The Homeless, Rocky River Kiwanis, June. Talk and presentation in conjunction with exhibit, Wasmer Gallery, Ursuline College, May 21, 1997. Two page article with photos of artwork from Sabbatical Exhibition, Ursuline College, Alumni

June 27, Catholic Universe Bulletin, Feature Section, All of Page 9 and part of page 11, with article and photos on homeless exhibition.

1996 Presentation to the Outreach Committee: St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Cleveland Heights, Ohio(slides and talk 45 minutes) 

1995. Invited to present slides of my work at a Judy Chicago Workshop which was part of a larger conference on Activist Art at The Cleveland Institute of Art, November Invited to present a paper Revising Foundation Drawing and Painting in Preparation for the 21st Century, at the National FATE (Foundations in Art Theory and Education Conference in St. Louis. Presentation with 58 slides plus 150 copies of Foundation Project for distribution.   March.

1993  Invited to present a paper (with 80 slides) on The Value of Liberal Arts Education to the Visual Artist as a Function of the Relation Between The Academic Faculty and The Studio Faculty in a Liberal Arts College.  7th Annual National Conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Visual Artists sponsored by the New York School of Art and Design, New York City, The Alconquin Hotel. (Published in selected conference Proceedings). October.

Presentation to the Arts Club (Ursuline College) on presentation of portfolios for exhibitions, for entrance to major concentrations, and for awards,  and acceptance into graduate school. Honoraria offered but not accepted.

1991 Presenter-exhibitor Wasmer Gallery, Ursuline College.  Honoraria. Presenter-exhibitor East West artist's Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio.

1990  45-minute talk, as panelist presenter, on regional art in Ohio.  Akron University, Emily K. Davis Gallery, (an outdated topic)  OAC funded.  Honoraria.  April. Presentation to Art Therapy Workshop on Creativity in the Arts.  Honoraria offered but not accepted. 
March .

1988 and 1989 Afternoon presentation, for credit, on Professional Practices for Artists, The Cleveland Institute of Art.  Honoraria..
Fall 1988, presented a project (moral architecture) I do with art history students at a US faculty training workshop.
1983, PORTFOILIO 83, a slick bound publication by American Greetings in Cleveland, Ohio, and supported by the George Gund Foundation, with photos of work by 136 Cleveland Artists.

1982 Lecture in conjunction with Jane Fauver, then Director of SPACES gallery,  Kent Women's group, Kent, Ohio.

1981 Lecture on 'Drawing and Process' East Technical High School, Cleveland, Ohio

1980 Lecture "Artist's Survival' in conjunction with sculptor John Spofforth at Fiori's Gallery Cleveland, Ohio

1979 Demonstration and Performance piece in conjunction with sculptor Mary Ann O'Malley at A SPACE Gallery, Playhouse square, Cl. Ohio

1978  Lecture to the University  Print Club at BONFOEY'S ON THE SQUARE as curator of the Printmaker's Work: 6 decades of printmaking in Cleveland Ohio.'

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