Literally the 'only' good artists are dead artists because they are the artists whose work is 'limited' assessed, and judged in relation to current times, and usually in terms of temporizing styles and specious values. Work that is 'important' today--work that is of historical value or on 'the cutting edge' may not be preserved, or even thought about in the future. Historians, like museum curators and art critics, are selective about what is preserved. The criteria are specific: 1. First you have to be dead [dead people have a limited body of work]. 2. Dead artists provide opportunities for live people to re-invent their lives, and interpret their motives and work, without penalty. My advice is to just keep working because if you are worried about whether your work is great art, or any kind of art at all, you are wasting time. You have to be dead a long time before society figures out what may be your worth to the world. And besides, who knows whether today's art will be tomorrow's 'important work' or yesterday's kitsch.


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