Residence/studio: 3300 Kenmore Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44122

Phone (216) 561-0945


Born November 2, 1939, Cartagena, Colombia, South America, to Captain Carlos Fallon of Bogotá, Colombia, and the U.S.A., and Maureen Byrne Fallon Laird of New Orleans, LA. U.S.A.

U.S. Citizen, Certificate of Citizenship on file at the U.S. State Department

MFA painting, minor print, 1982, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

BFA printmaking, minor paint, 1980, the Cleveland Institute of Art, Ohio

BA philosophy, minor art, 1962 Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio


Self Employed: Painter/Printmaker

Professor Emerita at Ursuline College

Retired June 15, 2016

Professor Art Dept. and Academic Core, Ursuline College 2000-2016

Chairperson the Art Department 2007-2010

Associate Professor, tenured, 1995,Ursuline College.

Art Department Chair, Ursuline College, 1998/2001.

Assistant Professor Art, Ursuline College, 1989-1994.

Art Department Head, Ursuline College, 1989-1991.

As Director, I Curated exhibitions, set up exhibit schedule with the institution of an Art Review Panel; raised funds and worked with an active Gallery Council; operated bi-annually as a Museum Extensions' Gallery exhibiting Cleveland Museum of Art collections; created all PR announcements for exhibits and installed all but CMA shows at the 40'x50' Gallery which has class A1 top AMMS Security classification; wrote and received grants for exhibits, speakers and films; instituted the first continual public education program around each local exhibition and focused on giving all artists forum as well as honoraria and, on exhibiting a wide range of artistic endeavor; was one of two galleries in the U.S.A. to exhibit the Vassar College Gallery Collection, on tour during the renovation of their gallery. Support staff consisted of work-study students.

Graduate Assistant Kent State University Art Dept., Drawing II and Printmaking I 1981-82.

Teaching Assistant Cleveland Institute of Art, Art History, September 1976-May 1980.  Corrected papers, tests and ran a Friday seminar for the basic 2-year art history survey course.

Project Director, Cleveland in New York Program, NOVA (New Organization for the Visual Arts), May 1978 to February 1980. Under the auspices of the consortium of John Carroll University, The Cleveland Institute of Art, the Mather Gallery (Case Western Reserve University) the Center for Contemporary Art and NOVA. The goal of the project was to place a selected exhibition of Cleveland Artists in important exhibit space both in Cleveland and New York City and to bring national attention to Cleveland visual arts. I was initially given the group of selected artists and a budget of $5000. At the end of the project I reported on an in-kind and hard-cash budget of $83,000 that was used to catalogue the show in color, and exhibit it, simultaneously at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the neighboring Contemporary Center in Cleveland and, one month later, at the Parsons Institute, in New York City where, in addition to the grand opening reception, there was a private catered preview for the business community provided for by TRW. Art in America carried full-page national ads for the four artist show: VISUAL LOGIC. Curated THE PRINTMAKER'S WORK: 6 DECADES OF CLEVELAND PRINTMAKERS, with honoraria, for NOVA (a Cleveland Visual Arts Org.) exhibit opened at Bonfoey Gallery and traveled throughout the region, for two years,  by Ohio Arts Council.  Under my leadership a select committee of printmakers planned this pedagogical exhibition over a two-year period.With the help of International Press, we produced a special portfolio of fine arts postcards included in the fine, rag-paper catalogue embossed on the cover with the title. Twenty artists participated. The exhibit was further supported by a lecture and demonstration series including the participation of students from the Cleveland Public Schools. 1976-1978.

Researched and executed commission of wall graphics for GREAT HERA  a local graphics firm; working primarily in offices and for restaurants, designed and painted walls or murals.  1977-1979.Coordinated 9 Artists, a Woman's Invitation selected from viewing 2500 slides of Northeast Ohio women artists.  Supporting programs included: Alice Neel for a week of lectures and slides, local video artists and performance artists and sculptors from AIA (then a woman's co-op) in Chicago, and the film WOMAN HOUSE. I worked with a select group of woman artists in Cleveland to coordinate this under the auspices of NOVA and with the cooperation of the Cleveland Institute of Art and special poster donation from Emerson Press.

Instructor of Painting, Shaker Heights, Adult Education, 1974-1976.

Instructor of Painting, Valley Arts Center, Chagrin, Ohio, 1973-1974.(moved to Cleveland from New Jersey/NYC area, January 1973)


Current Memberships
M.O.M.A Museum of Modern Art (NYC)
Museum of Natural History
Collage Arts Association
Amnesty International 1995 to present
Southern Poverty Law Center 1995 to present
St. Peter's Community Catholic Church
Museum of Contemporary Art M.O.C.A.(Cleveland) 2000 to present
Cleveland Museum of Art


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